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Precision Sales Consulting | Fairfax, VA

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Why Sandler Training?

Our clients vary in terms of size and industry, yet they tend to have some of the following characteristics in common. They are all strong organizations with great products and solutions, yet occasionally:

  • Suffer from 80/20 challenges, which means that a disproportionate amount of sales comes from a low percentage of their sales team
  • Are frustrated that their team members that struggle to hit sales targets
  • Spend too much time presenting to unqualified prospects
  • Feel compelled to sell more on price and less on value
  • Lack a systematic, replicable process for selling

Who should attend Sandler Training?

Business Owners, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Presidents, and Sales Managers who are concerned that their salespeople:

  • Do too much unpaid consulting
  • Are getting ‘think-it-overs’ instead of closing
  • Work hard but with frustrating results
  • Wait for the leads to come to them, instead of engaging in outbound prospecting
  • Waste time with unqualified prospects
  • Spend time developing presentations that never turn into business
  • Are too focused on things that keep them busy but not productive in their sales process
  • Feel uneasy about the validity of what is in their sales pipeline
  • Feeling pressure to lower prices to close deals

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