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Precision Sales Consulting | Fairfax, VA

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We train and coach individuals, teams and business leaders

Sandler teaches you how to break the rules, change the game, and avoid common sales and management problems altogether.

Why choose Sandler Training in Northern Virginia?

Michelle M - Sr. Program Manager - Medtronic

The moment you meet Nema you can feel the passion and energy and want to engage immediately into what he is teaching. He has a way to deliver the Sandler Selling system, that breaks down each component for all levels to digest and find parts to relate to their personal selling process. He deep dives into learning your business for relevant and effective scenarios and a professional on all levels.

The Medtronic team has raised their game and honed in on their skills not only on the sales professional side but training and marketing teams largely due to Nema’s effective teaching style. I highly recommend Nema if you want inject a new energy and passion into the work you do behind the scenes daily and professional growth to deliver on our revenue commitments.

Mark W - Owner - Residential/Commercial Exterior Remodeling

Proud to say that Nema Semnani has been teaching the Exterior Medics Team for years. His training sessions and one-to-one coaching have been life-changing for me and my company. I just wish I would have met him earlier on in life. Truly one of the best!

Ali A - CEO - Software Development (Data Visualization UI/UX)

Sales for many small businesses are on results and results only, neglecting the process. As an entrepreneur, who has started various businesses, I’ve learned it’s better to start with a plan first vs acting in hopes of a plan developing along the way, especially when it comes to sales strategy. Where did I learn this newfound wisdom? From Nema who is my firm’s sales education partner. Our firm has been working with Nema on developing our sales process and educating us on the proper techniques when it comes to sales execution. It has focused our efforts as an organization, allowing us to fully build up our pipeline and develop stronger bonds with our customers. I don’t think we would have the progress we have if it wasn’t for Nema’s help.

Need a Speaker?

Sandler Training by Precision Sales Consulting in Northern Virginia works closely with owners and salespeople of entrepreneurial companies, helping them develop strategies and tactics to become more effective at revenue generation.


Sandler Worldwide Shoutouts

Watch Nema Semnani interview Sandler trainers from around the world.

Roleplay Roulette2

Roleplay Roulette

Watch Nema, Tom, and Rich demonstrate how to navigate difficult, yet common, sales scenarios.

Sandler Training Offers The Programs You Need

Sandler Sales Academy

Sandler Foundations
The Sandler Foundations is where everyone involved in Sandler Training officially starts. It is a 9-lesson introductory course designed to give a complete overview of the Sandler Selling System and the information needed to immediately improve your performance.

Sales Mastery
In the Sales Mastery program, we collected the best practices from our 50-plus years of sales training experience. We distilled into this program the timeless sales strategies, communication skills, and success principles that will accelerate your team’s journey to becoming lifelong, successful sales producers.

Sandler Management & Leadership

Sandler Management Solutions
The Sandler Management Solutions program brings both the “how” and the real world into the training room. The program emphasizes active skills training exercises and skills application specific to your actual goals. It covers the attitudes, behaviors, and strategies of top sales leadership.

Private Corporate Training

Private Corporate Training
When working with large enterprise organizations, decentralized sales teams, franchisors, or other diverse national or multi-national sales organizations, we support the client through our private training sessions to achieve maximum results and efficiencies when delivering a world-class, worldwide training program.

See how Sandler increases top-line revenue and/or gross margin (before your competition does...)

Sit in on a class!
Our clients used to struggle to hit their sales targets. They were spending too much time on unqualified prospects and dropping their prices to close sales... until they found a better way. Crash one of our upcoming classes alongside them and see how they've achieved success with Sandler and developed a selling system to close more business, more often, more easily.

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