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Roleplay Roulette

Watch Nema Semnani, Tom Mallens, and Rich Austin demonstrate how to navigate difficult, yet common, sales scenarios.

Roleplay Roulette - Referrals

We're back with another episode of Roleplay Roulette, the show where we don't just talk about it, we demonstrate it via live unrehearsed roleplay scenarios. On this episode, Tom Mallens and Rich Austin show us how to tee up a referral conversation with a client.

- Is active referral generation part of your prospecting plan? (emphasis on the word ACTIVE)
- Do you know what to do, yet for some reason, just aren't doing it?
- Do you enjoy random video outtakes that involve the world homunculus?

Roleplay Roulette - Decision Makers

What's the most frustrating decision-maker you've ever dealt with?

On this episode of Roleplay Roulette with Tom Mallens, Rich Austin and yours truly, we roleplay "How to incorporate additional decision-makers into the sales process."

Roleplay Roulette - Ethical Prospecting

Guess who's back...back again! On this episode of Roleplay Roulette, Tom Mallens uses his nice guy swag to prospect ethically. I wish I had that accent. Do you think that Rich Austin has what it takes to be a big league ballplayer?