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Sandler Worldwide Shoutouts

Watch Nema Semnani interview Sandler Trainers from around the world

Dave Mattson

Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting talks with Sandler Training's CEO & President, Dave Mattson. Dave answers the tough questions. How will the current environment change sales/management/leadership forever? What are issues that exist only for now vs. what will permanently change the landscape of how we do business?

Chris McDonell

Sandler Trainer, Chris McDonell from Sandler Training by McDonnell Consulting Group in Baltimore talks with Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting. Chris talks about being compassionate and having empathy while prospecting.

Matt Nettleton

Nema checks in with Sandler Trainer, Matt Nettleton of Sandler DTB (Do The Behavior) in Indianapolis, Indiana. Matt discusses the behaviors you should have in a time of crisis or economic downturn.

Sean Coyle

Sandler Trainer, Sean Coyle from Peak Performance Management in Pittsburgh, PA talks with Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting.  Sean discusses what B.A.T (Behaviors, Attitudes, and Techniques) he is sharing with clients these days.  

Robin Green

Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting Novi talks with Sandler Trainer, Robin Green from Sandler Training by Ascend Performance, Inc in Richmond, VA.  Robin shares his thoughts on engaging with the marketplace, the importance of building habits, and the true meaning of "hard work."

Rich Austin

Sandler Trainer, Rich Austin from Sandler Training by Corporate Strategies in Chicagoland talks with Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting.  Rich talks about fear!  How long will we let fear dictate what we do?

Dan Macias

Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting talks with Sandler Trainer, Dan Macias from Sandler Training in Bogota, Columbia.  Dan talks about his daily "Life Saver" behaviors.  Tune in to learn what S.A.V.E.R.S means and how to use it!

Hamish Knox

Sandler Trainer, Hamish Knox of Sandler Training in Calgary talks with Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting.  Hamish Knox talks to us about how change and accountability factor into our world right now. Ham-ish literally wrote the bestselling books on the subject. 

John Whitehall

Sandler Trainer, John Whitehall from Strategic Sales Training Solutions, LLC in Southeast PA talks with Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting Nova.  John has noticed that in this time it has given him the time to resurrect an actual conversation on the phone instead of relying on email and text.

Rich Isaac

Sandler Trainer, Rich Isaac from Sandler Training by Legend Development Services, Inc of Long Island talks with Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting.  Rich talks to us about how to Care, Care, and KARE for your clients! 

John Rosso

Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting talks with Sandler Trainer, John Rosso.  John discusses how to "pivot" in sales and leadership during these uncharted times.

Mike Montague

Sandler's Global Head of Content, Mike Montague talks w/ Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting.  Mike joins us to talk about how to win the war between our ears.

Teresa Prieto

Sandler Trainer, Teresa Prieto from Sandler Training in Bogotá, Colombia talks with Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting. Teresa discusses the power of action, the importance of your personal brand. 

Antonio Garrido

Sandler Trainer, Antonio Garrido from Sandler Training in Miami, FL by Absolute Sales Development, Inc. talks with Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting. Antonio, who is the bestselling author of "Asking Questions the Sandler Way" talks about his newest book "The 21st Century Ride-along." Antonio discusses the importance of "ride-along" coaching.

Amy Woodall

Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting talks with Sandler Trainer, Amy Woodall from Sandler Training by Trustpoint in Indiana. Amy provides us guidance on the importance of mindfulness at all times.

Tim Goering

Sandler Trainer, Tim Goering from Sandler Sales Training by Making Luck Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL talks with Nema Semnani of Precision Sales Consulting. Tim talks about "unproductive/productive thought question set," which is an extremely effective way to help anyone who may now, or in the future, experience "self-limiting beliefs" aka head trash.

Carlos Garrido

Carlos Garrido joins us on #sandlerworldwideshoutouts​ to talk about the biggest mistake companies make when engaging with a training organization. How do we turn the "value lock?" What is the difference between coaching, training, and supervising. What's the difference between being "critical" and being nurturing?"


Joel Burstein

Sandler Trainer, Joel Burstein from Pittsburg joins us and flips the script! Have you ever wanted to know what I think about things? Of course you do, why wouldn't you? I know things. 

Stephanie van Dam

Stephanie van Dam joins us to talk about the power of language and the impact of words like "pandemic" or "uncertainty," and what we may want to keep in mind as many organizations continue to transition back into their respective selling environments.


Chris Perry

Chris Perry joins #sandlerworldwideshoutouts​ to talk about lessons derived from stoicism and how they can help us forge through adversity. How can "practicing misfortune" help individuals and teams persevere and what does journaling have to do with a Subway sandwich? Tune in to find out!


Brad Freyer

#sandlerworldwideshoutouts​ is back with Brad Freyer, Sandler Trainer from Houston, Texas. Brad talks to us about the importance of being "Smokey the Bear," the difference between being a "vendor" and an "advisor," and what's the difference between good and bad consultants. Do we think the kid has what it takes to make it in this biz? 

Kaysi Curtin

Kaysi Coelho-Curtin never ceases to amaze me. Although we didn't talk about it in this conversation, I credit Kaysi for reminding me of the "Kobe Bryant Rules" and rule number 2 is "prove them wrong." On this episode, Kaysi talks about motivation, drive and proving people wrong.

Cody Isabel

What does Sandler have in common with Star Wars? How are Sandler Trainers like Jedis? Well, Cody Isabel explains that this week...and it's all perfectly clear to me now. I loved the conversation with Cody on how neuroscience influences the world of selling and leadership.

Peter Oliver

Peter Oliver joins us from Maui to share how he and his family set a vision and went after it. Why do some people get stuck living for tomorrow, perhaps not taking risks, asking themselves "why" instead of "why not?" Pete shares some of his perspectives and he has invited all of us to crash at his place in Hawaii anytime.